During the nineties the ATHENS ART ENGRAVING CENTER- PANDOLFINI &SIATERLI  started to organize seminars and series of classes on the engraving techniques.

….At first we addressed to artists and art theorists. Subsequently the circle has opened to all those who loved Engraving and wished to try their abilities with this method.

This opening of the workshop towards those, who wish to engrave, was and still is a worthwhile experience. Sometimes we find accomplishment, inspiration and persistence in work, as well as perspectives of development in people, who didn’t choose Art as the target of their life. This overrules certain beliefs. Art belongs to everyone. Nothing is hermetic.

When the students of the workshop come to the seminars for the first time, we usually demonstrate to them the whole range of the basic engraving techniques and especially the copper engraving. Because many other techniques exist in this technique.

The first engraving attempts of them are followed by a second and a third practice. The message we try to forward along the way is that everyone can find their own means of expression, through one or two techniques. An artist of gestures, who wishes a spontaneous expression, is oppressed by the application of structured of striations and engravings, which are organized to the slightest detail. Obviously, most suitable for him are the techniques that do not need many drafts and preparations, like ink and sugar, aquatint etc. On the contrary, he, who is dominated by the obsession of organizing his movements, of estimating and planning exactly his project, and wishes tonal graduations that cannot be confused and a gradual pursuit of his expression, has to choose an appropriate technique, such as the burin or the dry point.

To put it briefly, we try to let the students choose the “dress” that suits them better. Only so they can feel the fascination and the attraction of a technique that demands procedures, which are frequently very exacting: The technique serves the expression, not the expression the technique.

At the end of every lesson circle, everyone has detected – even if fleetingly – which way of engraving suits their temperament, without having wasted their creativity in exhausting the possibilities of every technical process.

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