The main focus of the Athens Printmaking Center- Pandolfini & Siaterli, is the cooperation with visual artists for the printing and editioning of their artworks.

From 1977 until today, The Athens Printmaking Center workshop receives printmaking plates from painters and sculptors as well as supporting the creation of new works in print, guided by the workshop specialists and using the excellent equipment. Artists’ proofs are printed in cooperation with the artist in order to decide on the outcome of the full series of prints.

Countless series of prints have passed through the highly experienced hands of the workshop experts.

Many artists experience their first taste of the magical process of engraving, etching and printing in the friendly and creative environment of The Athens Printmaking Center workshop, under the guidance and with the technical support of Pandolfini & Siaterli . The artists create and complete the process of making their plates and the workshop undertakes the printing with respect, care and responsibility for the artists’ wishes.

Every new artwork and each new artist presents a new challenge for a quality outcome for the printed artwork. Every original artwork which is printed in the workshop, bears the workshop stamp of guarantee K%X.

Translation by J.T Attwood

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