THE ATHENS ENGRAVING CENTRE -PANDOLFINI & SIATERLI (KHA) was founded in 1977 by the artists Pino Pandolfini and Dimitra Siaterli. Its goal from the beginning was to highlight and promote the language of engraving to a wide audience through actions, exhibitions, workshops and seminars.
The lengthy historical pathway of the space includes important collaborations with artists and institutions from Greece and abroad, which have strengthened the cultural exchange and community of the domestic art scene. By supporting the participation in the creative process and the personal stylings of the artist, the organization encourages the inherent production of engravings, as well as the interdisciplinary workings of art.

In the last three years alone, the organization has implemented 14 events with individual sub-actions and parallel programs, whilst also developing an international network of artistic collaborations.

Recognizing the difficulties of the times, the organization seeks to activate and strengthen society as a whole through art and culture, with an emphasis on communal art projects. The goal being to rediscover the properties of harmonious coexistence and communication. The choice of engraving as a language of communication is related to its ability to penetrate social problems, to comment and often to stylize social imbalances and absurdities; as well as to unite the world through the sharpness of its speech, and the capacity to broadcast messages and disseminate them to the public.