The Athens Engraving Art Center – Pandolfini & Siaterli was founded in 1977 by the visual artists Pino Pandolfini and Dimitra Siaterli. Until then they had lived and worked in Italy, in and around Bologna, a town which has a long term tradition in etching and engraving experimentation and techniques. Their experience in this field proved determinant for the creation of this workshop.

In fact the workshop functioned approaching the world of etching and original copy rejecting the prevailing anachronistic notions (ideas) concerning this form of art.Therefore the Athens Engraving Art Center – Pandolfini & Siaterli proposed itself as an open space where every artist, and not only engravers, can work his/her own pieces and elaborate the matrixes using the equipment and the technical support offered by the workshop. The policy of the workshop was to preserve the original etching from the gearwheels (?) of industrialisation. When the artist intervenes individually and works up the etching, this results in a unique and authentic work of art and not in an easy industrialized product ready to be commercialized.

Established Greek painters and sculptors tried their skills in Etching, discovering new means of expression. Well known engravers entrusted the printing of their works to the Etching Art Centre, and important exhibitions took place in Greece and abroad with the collaborators.

One of the main activities of the Athens Engraving Art Center – Pandolfini & Siaterli, since the 90ies is organizing seminars and series of lessons about the techniques of etching. At fist these lessons were addressed to artists and art theorists, then the circle opened to all those who loved etching and wanted to experiment with it, as well as to children and school students.

The Athens Engraving Art Center – Pandolfini & Siaterli continues dynamically its activity in collaborations with single artists, cultural organizations (?), galleries, museums, foundations (?), schools and Universities, carrying out print outs, edition of art albums, exhibitions, conferences and seminars.

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