visual artist, (painter, printmaker, sculptress)

Born in Argos in 1952

Studies: Degree in fine arts at the Fine Arts from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna (1971-1977)

Active in the sphere of printmaking: in 1977 with Pino Pandolfini, founded the ‘Athens Printmaking Center – Pandolfini & Siaterli’, an open workshop cooperating with artists, cultural organizations, galleries and museums in Greece and abroad for editions, prints, seminars and printmaking exhibitions.

In her art practice she is concerned with all types of art and experiments with different media and techniques. She is particularly involved with art interventions in both interior and exterior spaces and the realization of visual activities in other art forms. She has been exhibiting her artwork since 1975 in solo (35) and group exhibitions in Greece and abroad.

She taught ‘Engraving & Printmaking’ at the School of Fine Art, in Florina -University of Western Macedonia (2010 – 2016). She has been teaching printmaking workshops at the Athens Printmaking Centre since 1990. She is involved with the organization and curatorship of visual arts exhibitions.

She is a founding member of the ‘Greek Printmaker’s Association’ and the ‘En Flo’ art group. With Pino Pandolfini, she runs the non-profit cultural organization Athens Printmaking Centre C.N.P.P. (2018)


Visual artist (printmaker, painter, sculptor).

Born in Gambettola (Forli-Cesena)

  • Studies: Printmaking/engraving and sculpture in the studio of Mario and Carlo Leoni in Bologna, 1967-69
  • In 1969 registers for the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, graduates with a degree in painting
  • In 1969 with his partner Dimitra Siaterli, founds the «Athens Printmaking Art Center – Pandolfini-Siaterli», an open workshop with the aim of introducing to the public the the language, history and special characteristics of printmaking. Pandolfini cooperates with esteemed artists for the printing and editions of artworks whilst also working in the center with artists from Greece and abroad.
  • His artwork shows experimentation with media, techniques and technology to create a collection of printed works. He works particularly with installations – sculptural works installed in private and public spaces such as the large “Trireme Ship” in 1999, at the Department of Civil Engineering –Laboratory of Harbour Works (National Technical Univercity of Athens) or the kinetic sculpture “Traces in Space” in 2001 at the 14th kilometer of the National Road from Athens to Lamia for the Silver & Baryte Ores Mining CO. S.A.
  • Since 1972, he has exhibited in many solo and group exhibitions as well as participating in international events such as the 1997 Biennale in Alexandria and the 2014 Venice Biennale, both in the Italian booth.
  • Pino Pandolfini teaches printmaking to artists and students in seminars organized by the Athens Printmaking Center.
  • He is the co-founder with Dimitra Siaterli of the “Athens Printmaking Center Pandolfini & Siaterli C.N.P.P.” (2018) and a founding member of “Athens Printmaking Center Group” and the “Greek Printmaker’s Association”


Yorgos Taxiarchopoulos is an artist and art expert living and working in Athens. His studies at the Athens School of Fine Arts include Painting, master degree in Digital Arts (MDA) and PhD candidate in Art Education. He studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts des Paris at the attelier of Christian Boltanski as scholar of the LVMH group and has been selected and participated at the CCA Kitakyushu international research program in Japan as scholar of V&E Goulandris foundation. He attended UNICULT2020 international life long learning program about Cultural Managment and international Cultural Policies as scholar of the Cultural Croatian Alliance with the Albert Kapovitch sholarship. He is certified specialist project manager for Visual Arts & Crafts and Cultural Heritage by the international certification “Arts” (including ISO17024), by the Swiss Approval International SA. For 13 years until 2017 he served at Art-Athina international contemporary art fair as Art Logistics and Insurance manager and the last years he served as Art Consultant and Operations and Logistics manager at Art-Thessaloniki international art fair. He is member at the organization team of the Platforms Project by Artemis Potamianou. As artist he has won the 8th LVMH international prize in Paris and the 1st award of Foundation Y&Z Spyropoulos in Greece. He realised 6 solo shows and participated in several and important group shows in Greece and abroad. His artwork (10΄΄) was nominated to represent Greece at the National Pavilions in the 52nd Venise Biennial (2007). He is a member at Culture Action Europe, DIAZOMA, European Culture Forum, SKETKE, EETE.