HERBARIUM Part 1 – Printmaking Exhibition


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59 artists from countries around the world

HERBARIUM I – PHYTOLOGY I, is the first part of a double printmaking event, of the non-profit company ATHENS PRINTMAKING ART CENTER- PANDOLFINI & SIATERLI C.N.P.P., which is exhibited from the 29th May 2020 at the ETCH INK art space in Athens.

HERBARIUM II – PHYTOLOGY II will follow, from June 24, 2020.

The second part of the event expands the proposal by inviting artists to work on engraving art pieces for the BESTIARIUM- ZOOLOGIO which is planned to be exhibited at the ETCH INK art space, next autumn.


Thinking people are worried about the future of the planet. Nature, the Flora and the Fauna of the Earth are tested daily. Plants and endangered animals are on the rise, and those of us who love nature and its creatures wonder how we can stop this ever-expanding plague. Our decision to address an open call to the countries of the world and propose a double exhibition on PHYTOLOGY-HERBARIUM and ZOOLOGIO-BESTIARIUM in Athens, is, because we are convinced that visual artists around the world are aware and want are present in such a campaign. Our conviction was firmly confirmed by the great response that our proposal receives from many artists from many countries around the world who have applied and have been selected to participate.


The printmaking art – from its birth, language of communication of the image- today through our, on line calls, in all the widths and lengths of the earth, has the opportunity to find new ways of communication. To meet the printmaking art of other people and places that are close to us and others, far away from us. Thus, PHYTOLOGY-HERBARIUM in Athens has the opportunity to prove how similar and how different the artist can speak through engraving and printmaking art on an issue of global concern and threat. The printmaking art pieces of this exhibition sometimes records the flora of the universe with a faithful depiction and sometimes with more artistic freedom. Often the plants in these art works “comment” referring to conditions or describing situations. However, most of them, trace the HERBARIUM of art history by classifying the Flora that surrounds us.

ETCH INK art space: 16, Argyroupoleos   Armatolòn & 20 Kleftòn 20, Lycabettus

Opening: Friday, 29 May 2019 2019, (19.30’ – 22.30’)

Days & Working hours of the exhibition: from Friday, May 29 to Saturday, June 20

every Monday, Thursday & Friday 17.30- 21.00 and every Saturday 11.00- 15.00

Access: by metro / stop AMPELOKIPI, and all buses passing through Alexandra boulevard, stop IKA

Contact , info:,   [email protected]

 κιν. +30 697070121, +30 6938786293


NEVIN YAVUR ARERI, Antalya, Turkey / ΕΜΜΥ ΑΝDRΟULΑΚI, Kruibeke Belgium / SIÂN LEWIS BYRNE, Limassol, Cyprus / MARGOT CANCIARI, Cagliari, (Sardegna) Italia / SOFIA CHARONI, Athens, Greece / TANIA GHIOURA, Kozani, Greece / CAROL FORGES, Sèvres, France / BESUD FUCKS, Berlin, Germany / FLOKI GAUVRY, Buenos Aires, Argentina / JOHANNES GERARD, The Hague, Netherlands / RIYA GIAONKER, Margao, Goa, India / LAURA GLASSMAN, Plantation-Florida, United States / CLAUDIA HOBI, Winterthur, Swiss / LIZZIE HORNE, Armadale New, Australia / ΜARILYN JACKSON, Neuenstein, Germany / MARKOS KAMPANIS, Athens, Greece 2009 / LIUBOV KALASHNIKOVA, Moskva, Russia / CHRISTINA KALOGIANNI, Salonica, Greece / MAGDALENE KAFETZOPOULOU, Salonica, Greece, / JOANNA KIDD, Davis CA, United States America / HANAH AMELIA KING, New Zealand, KAMILA MARIA KLECZEK, Glogow, Poland / FANIA KOLAITI, Ilion Attica, Greece / VICKY KOLIPETSA, Ilioupoli Attica, Greece / NADIA KUPRINA, Torino, Italy / / MANTHOS MANTHEOU, Aglangià, Cyprus / SAVINA MANTOVSKA, Sofia, Bulgaria / FLORENCE MARGERY, Rabastens, France / MARIANNA MASLOVA, Kiev, Ukraine/ ILARIA MASSA, Bari, Italy/ THODORIS MAVRIDIS, P. Faliro, Attica Greece / KATERINA MACHAIRA, Athens Greece / ΕFSTRATIA MACHAIRIDI, Athens Greece / MARIA MINTIOURI, Mytilene Greece / MICAELA MORGADO, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal / LISA MURRAI, N. Ireland / IRINA NEACSU, Brarou, Romania / BARBARA NEU, Denver CO, United States America, / MAGDALENA PARFIENIUK, Wroclaw, Poland / PIERRE PHILIPPE, Paris, France / KATHRYN POOLE, Birkdale-Mersey Side, England/ SIMONETTA ROSSETTI, Trieste, Italy/  ASPASIA SIGOURAKOU, Greece / ELISABETH SCHJOENSBY, Οslo, Norway / NATASSA SPYRIDOU, Alessandria, Greece / GERTRUD STADELMANN, Zollikerberg, Swisse / PATRIZIA STRACCHI, Rome, Italy /  STATHIS SOTIRCHOS, Egaleo, Greece / DEIRDRE TIMLIN, Galway, Ireland /ΜΑRIA TITOVA, Moscow, Russia /ELENI TSOTSOROU, Athens Greece, ANGELINA TSOUMANI, Alessandria, Greece/ THALIA VASSILIOU, Greece / CLEO WILKINSON, Fortitude Valley, Australia / OLIWIA ZAJACZOWSKA, Krasnystaw, Poland/ DAGMAR ZEHNEL, Leipzig, Germany / GEORGE ARISTOTELIS ZOGAS, Glyka Nera Attica, Greece