Summer 2020 ETCH INK workshop in Athens (Greece) For artists, fine art students and art lovers

Duration: 1st • 8th June 2020 Address: 78, VAFEIOCHORΧOU street-†cell. 0030 6938786293 Website:””

 ATHENS PRINTMAKING ART CENTER – K%X Pandolfini & Siaterli is a unique professional printmaking studio (operating since 1977) in the city of Athens (GR) specializing in engraving and printmaking methods, educational workshops, seminars, exhibitions and life long learning activities for artists, fine art students and art lovers/amateurs. Its printmaking contemporary art collection includes approximately 2000 important artworks from the Greek history of contemporary printmaking Art and was created by personal cooperation with the most significant artists and galleries of the country during decades.

Its gallery space named ETCH INK is located close to Lycabettus hill near the metro station Ambelokipoi. Its work studio facilities are located at the Polygono (Athens district), bus station N.15th TERMA, also busses No 224 and No 140 stopping at the 4th El.VENIZELOU bus station.

APPLICATIONS ARE NOW OPEN TO SUBMISSION Summer 2020 ETCH INK workshop in Athens (GR)  Submission period: 15th of December 2019 to 21st of April 2020. Application must be submitted by email at:

 Results will be posted on the website and successful applicants will be notified personally by email by the 24th of April 2020 Inclusive: personal mentoring (mentors: Pino Pandolfini, Dimitra Siaterli), coffee beverages, daily Greek lunch, selected evening group activities, certificate of attendance, production, and presentation of the printed artworks *** at ETCH INK art space in Athens. Announcement of participants’ and press release.

The total cost for the program: 800 Euros VAT included.

As soon as you get accepted you have two choices for the payment. pay the hole workshop 800 at once until 1st of May 2020 pay in two installments of 400 euros each, the first by 1st of May and the second by the 10th of May 2020

Host:Athens Printmaking Art Center – Pandolfini & Siaterli 


Eligible are artists and art students willing to produce their ideas, widen their experience, professional network and develop their skills in print. Eligible are also Art lovers/amateurs who want to get the experience of printmaking production and of an art presentation. Applicants must have at least basic knowledge in drawing and/or printmaking to apply at the summer program.

Application submission period: 15th of December 2019 to 21st of April 2020

Deadline: The 21st of April 2020, at 23:59

Duration of Residence: 8 days

Working Location: 78 Vafeiochoriou str, PC 114 76 Polygono, Athens Presentation venue: 16 Argyroupoleos & 20 Armatolon & Klefton str, metro station Ambelokipoi

Number of participants: maximum 10 people due to first come-first go application method 

During the 8day workshop participants will have the opportunity to:

Create prints in cooperation with the workshop leaders and experienced technicians (we offer you 3 zinc plates measuring maximum†30 x 40cm and you can use them as whole or in smaller pieces) †

Focus on 3 etching techniques (hard-ground, aquatint, sugar-lift)

***** Present their work at the ETCH INK art space in Athens (press release, social media communication, etc included).

Get to know Greek artists and interact with them.

Visit exhibitions, galleries and significant museum venues and monuments in Athens.


Application form application2020 K.X.A. 1 –

Resume of CV Link to personal web site or any social media page/account

Images of†artworks (10 pieces – jpg maximum 2 MB/each) 

Tuition fee includes: 5 hours of†daily morning instruction and support from workshop leaders Certification of attendance at the workshop and exhibition All art materials, use of tools and presses required to produce the artworks

The participants will print their work in editions, one of which will be presented at ETCH INK art space and will subsequently remain in the collection of the ™Athens Printmaking Center • K%X Pandolfini & Siaterli” Cooperation with the Athens Printmaking Center On departure, the participants will receive back their plates and prints for each artwork they have created during the workshop Breakfast Coffee, tea and refreshments daily in the workshop Daily Lunch Meal at an exclusive ™Tavernaî near the workshop location from 14.30 – 16.00 (vegetarian†participants are kindly asked to inform the Athens Printmaking Center in advance)

Insurance for the participants of the†Summer ETCH INK workshop in Athens (GR) 2019†is in the personal responsibility of each participant.

The “Athens Printmaking Art Center” takes all measures for the smooth and safe running of the program, supports and ensures the daily operation of the workshop but does not take any responsibility for any accidents which might occur.

If you need any advice about accommodation, we can consult you for suitable areas near by the work shop but we can’t take any responsibility for making bookings on your behalf.

***** The oxidation of the etching plates is done with nitric acid.